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Senior ladies, we may be getting older, but I bet there's still some stew left in that pot!


What is "the art of aging"?  I think it's about living with passion, purpose,  and even curiosity. And being as healthy as possible. It's making the most out of this incredible time of  life.


But how? How do you get yourself up and passionate again?


I'm planning the Vitalicious Woman conferences. (one dayers).


Friendship and fun and health is what we are all about;  where curiosity, delight, laughter, learning and empowerment are still growing in our opening minds. Even passion.


I want you to walk away saying "That's the most fun I've had in years". So I'm thinking of seminars all day, FUN seminars like:


Laughter is the Best Medicine  : forget the "wellness" keynote speaker. Let's get a comedian to crack us up,  all relevant humor to boomers.

Morning Tea with a Psychic Reader: You know your past, could they know your future? ( just for fun)

Motion is Lotion to Motown:  Chair Yoga or Chair dance and no boring  music!

The Solid (G)old Dancers - Exercise with dancey moves to the best music of any generation. OURS!

Energy Medicine: What is it and how can it help us ASAP.

Vitalicious Dishes: Our cook makes us delicious samples of goodies with added super nutrients like collagen and  vitamins hidden in the chocolate.

Make-overs and make -up demos for looking and feeling our best . Feel like a million bucks.

Wine Tasting and Appreciation:  no need to say  more, right?

"I'm Still Me" Meditations: Visual meditations to re-connect with the real, ageless, infinite YOU. Because you are definitely still in there, and you are definitely still you.


And here is my best idea.... Lunch and a show! During lunch I am dreaming of inviting Senior Queens and Cameo members from the Ms. Senior Michigan Pageants to entertain us with their pageant winning talents.  Singers, musicians, dancers, artists... all in the "age of elegance". (over 60)



Vitalicious Woman

You've come a long way, baby. Keep going. 

Cathy Roe

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